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I sat down in front of my computer 4 hours ago and started writing with the intention of working on Chapter 21 which I had started last weekend, I not only worked on it but actually finished it (It really is amazing how much you can write when you don’t allow interruptions.) but the finished product is not at all what i imagined – I had a nice albeit flexible plan in mind for the chapter, that is where I wanted it to go, what characters were involved etc. and for the most part that worked out fine for about 1\3 of the chapter.

At that point my characters essentially “mutinied” on me. I don’t know what else to call it except a mutiny because it was as if they came to life and forced me to type a completely different chapter than the one I had planned which included bringing in two characters who were not scheduled for an appearance for a while not only did they appear ahead of schedule but they’ve increased the importance of another character who was only ever designed as a sort of ‘background’ type character now it seems she is going to be far more important than even I ever imagined. I suppose my current characters like her more than I thought they would (Silly me for thinking I was in control here right?).

The characters have hijacked scenes and story lines before but they have never taken an entire chapter and turned it into something else entirely, now because of events in that chapter certain earlier things are going to have to be rewritten partially or maybe even changed completely but I’ll worry about that during the red-write\editing phase which is getting closer every day which both excites and terrifies me!

I don’t mind when my characters “take control” it does add a certain element to the process that is missing otherwise and I think it made the chapter better than it was going to be but still a little notice would have been nice.

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I think this deserves a WP post because it will be longish and in my experience such posts on FB tend to get messy so here we go:

Ever since I started writing ORIGINS I’ve noticed the increasingly heavy presence of what I am going to cal my “Writer’s Brain” – That is the part of my brain that seems to be entirely devoted to my characters and my story and it NEVER stops working, Several times this has come in handy because I’ll be doing stuff (Usually trying to sleep) and suddenly out of nowhere – BOOM – an idea hits and suddenly I can imagine a way to fix a problem in my story, Several times my characters have found themselves in a spot if trouble and I’ve had no clue how to get them out and one of those sudden insights has helped me out tremendously.

It’s for that reason i don’t normally complain about my WB but more and more as the story develops I can hear my WB going over things and over things AND over things, Last night while laying in bed TRYING to sleep for example I had another one of those insights which has helped me tie up a few loose ends that I didn’t even realise were loose but then it kept going and I found myself thinking “This can happen or after ‘x’ this can happen” except none of those things need to happen anytime soon and in one case it might not even happen until the second book – YIKES!

In general I’m not complaining too much as I’ve said my WB has proven useful and I don’t think I’d want to turn it off permanently because then I would have half a story and probably no way to finish it and that would be worse I think.

Anyone had any similar experiences? Is it possible to think the story through without skipping huge chunks of it (i.e. Create the middle rather than get stuck thinking of the ending?)

Rant Over – Back to life – Which probably requires a whole other rant.


Okay time for a really quick update:

I spent the last week re-writing the first 10 chapters including the prologue, While I did do some writing mostly it was a chance to tidy up the first section of the manuscript, It was starting to resemble one gigantic paragraph which wouldn’t be very readable, So I went through it again page by page and tidied it up, added some stuff and deleted some stuff, I also merged two chapters into one because the ‘break’ between them just didn’t seem logical after all.

I have decided not to spend anymore time on those chapters for the time being, They are by no means perfect yet but I’m just going to leave them as is and concentrate on the rest of the MS, I’ll rewrite them again once it is finished and I’ve received feedback from Beta Readers. Doing this will allow me to start on the “middle” section without spending time on what has already been written which as I’ve found out can be quite distracting. A friend recently said she was too close to her stories to be able to edit them effectively without feedback and I think I’m at that point with what I have written so far – Going over it again could prove disastrous plus my brain has been churning out ideas for subsequent chapters and if I don’t get them down soon they’ll weather disappear completely or drive me insane!