Book 5 in the wonderful Guardians Of The Word – Head over to AMAZON and grab your copy today, you will not be disappointed.

Author Jolea M. Harrison

I’m happy, thrilled and a little exhausted to announce that UNION is now available from Amazon! Guardians of the Word – Union

There are no holes in space. None to hide in. None where it’s safe.

Life onboard a space ship pursued through the void is precarious at best, where the difference between living and dying is measured one instant to the next.

On the run, Dynan Telaerin’s responsibilities increase to the breaking point while he’s the only one capable of flying the ship and making one repair after the other to his almost crippled craft, at the same time as trying to be a husband to his new wife, Loren. Bringing her and Marc Talryn into the terrifying danger that is Dynan’s life, hardens his resolve to protect them at all cost.

Making it back to the fold of the Brittallia System doesn’t guarantee safety, as betrayals abound where…

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