The last couple of weeks have been rather crazy and haven’t afforded me as much writing time as I would have like, but after a solid few hours today I’m happy to say Chapter 14 is finally done and I think I can safely say I’m at what I’m calling the Officially Unofficial halfway point – Sounds rather complicated but it does make sense I promise!

When I started writing ORIGINS I had many hurdles to overcome as I’m sure most writers do, One of those hurdles was story length – How long should it be, How long is too long etc.

I decided fairly early on that I should set goals or stages to help me get through it and 1 of those was clearly defining a halfway point where I could stop and look back to say “WOW thats the first half of the book look at everything that’s happened.” AND “What should happen now since we’re at the business end of things.” I didn’t actually say those things but I’m sure you get the point.

It’s the officially unofficial halfway point because it could quite easily change and reaching the end of chapter 28 will not guarantee that’s the end of the book at this point as I said it was just a goal I set myself and now that it has been reached I’m happy and if it does end up being the actual halfway point then all the better but if it turns out not to be the actual halfway point I’ve lost nothing.

Several weeks ago I posted on FaceBook that I received the completed e-book and full physical book designs of the book cover as created by the amazingly talented Paul Beeley and I think having reached the halfway point in the manuscript it would be a good time to debut the e-book cover to the world.

Paulk did an absolutely;y fabulous job with the design and even if it doesn’t end up being the final cover – which I cannot emphasise enough how much I would be happy for it to be the final cover – It will provide a good foundation to work from. It has already provided inspiration for the story and things that are going to happen in the first book and it has inspired me to keep writing now that I can see a book design with my name on it – And for that Paul I will always be thankful, Anyway here it is what do you think?

eBook cover version for ORIGINS