Okay so after a few weeks that prevented me from doing any serious writing I was finally able to sit down today and punch out enough words to get me past the 30,000 word mark – It has been staring me in the face for weeks almost daring me to surpass it and while there were times when I honestly doubted I could do it I fought through that and now I am happy to report that the book is about 1/3 written That might not seem like much but 30,000 is ALOT of words and since the average length of a novel in this genre is 80-90 thousand words I’m happy with the progress so far and I’m starting to think this thing might actually get done and hopefully people will want to buy it when it is – Obviously if people don’t buy it or don’t like it I’ll be disappointed but I am a big fan of this genre so I’m trying to write what I think I would read and so far I’d have to say I would read what’s been written though that might be just a bit biased!

So hopefully if I would read it then many others would too though as I’ve said before after several failed attempts by me to start this story in the past I think I’m at a point where I couldn’t stop writing if I wanted to – the characters even the ones who haven’t appeared yet are floating around in my head screaming for attention and resolution so I’ll either need to type them out nor take anti-psychotic drugs and I don’t think I’d enjoy the latter option very much.

A quick update on the name situation – Last time I said I was thinking about changing one of the main characters’ names and the name of the entire first book, Well I did change the character name, Taking out just one letter made it so much better and I surprised myself by changing another characters’s name too, Not sure why I changed the second character’s name but it is also better now. I decided not to change the book name partially because I can’t think of a better one at the moment and partially because I’m not convinced that “ORIGINS” won’t work – guess time will tell either way.

Until next time thanks for reading,