I spent most of last week typing up Chapter 8 – It took a bit longer than I thought it would but I’m fairly happy with the outcome though I have been thinking that I may need to change the title of the first book (From ORIGINS to something else) though I haven’t fully decided either way yet.

I have however decided to change one of the main character’s names though at this point I really have no idea what it should be and I’m certainly not looking forward to trawling through 24,00 words trying to find old instances of the name and change it to a new one if I can ever decide on a new one that is.

I don’t know about other authors and how fast they like to write but I’m quite happy with the pace I’m setting myself for this book even just getting the chance to write a few hundred words a day is proving quite satisfying and I find myself spending more and more time each day when I’m not writing thinking about the book – The stories , the characters, the whole thing its really rather exciting and I’m going to stick with it because even though there are only 24,000+ words at the moment the characters are in my brain now and I HAVE TO finish their stories even if no-one ever reads them though obviously it would be nice if people do read them and enjoy them too.

I will post another update in about 1 week hopefully and by then with any luck I’ll have breached the 30,000 word mark – That really is a lot of words you know certainly more than I’ve ever written – and hopefully by the time of the next update I’ll have news on the title and character name change decisions.

Finally can I just say how much fun I’m having doing this I’d forgotten how much fun writing could be – stupid life getting in the way!