Okay so it’s been a bit longer than a week (Which was supposed to be the length of time between my first post and this one) but due to unforeseen technical difficulties I’m only getting around to it now.

I now have approximately 15,000 words written comprising a prologue and the first 5 chapters which I am happy with for the moment, Based on the minimum average length of books in the genre I figure there is about 70,000 more words to go before I can even start to think of wrapping it up but the one good thing about the technical issues is I’ve had plenty of time to stew over the story\characters etc. so as long as I can keep finding time each day to do a little writing at least I shouldn’t have a problem getting there.

I have a rough working title for the book though it may change as things progress but again I’m happy with it for the moment. The (Very) rough working title is:


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates which could come at any moment!